KG Finfrock


House of Redemption

Kathy Finfrock

Genres: Thriller, Horror

Eight unscrupulous guests have have been invited to the centuries old Blackstone Resorts. Each patron has his or her own reason for needing an escape from unpleasant circumstances. Tensions mount quickly as, one-by-one, they come to face their worse nightmare. Will they repent their evil ways or remain in Blackstone for the rest of their lives?

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bubble off plumb cover

Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers’ Favorite Sometimes a person has a matter of minutes for reading and wants to be able to experience a full story in that time. Such can be done with the stories set out in Bubble Off Plumb, edited by KG Finfrock, Sarah Kalin, and Dan M. Kalin. This book offers a variety of short stories from a number of authors. As the editors tell it, the idea was to publish a number of non genre specific stories that shared a single thing in common. That thing, quite simply, is that each story is somehow “off-beat.” The result is a publication of over 20 stories, all of which are sure to have satisfied the editors as each is unusual, and all of which are likely to satisfy readers for that same reason. In Bubble Off Plumb, I went on a variety of short adventures. As a consequence of Buzz Dixon’s story entitled, “Barn Raising,” I may never think the same of the friendly Amish tradition of helping another party raise a barn. I might even suspect something a bit more sinister. Likewise, KG Finfrock’s “Good Thoughts” made me consider how retribution might look if it was the sole purpose for imprisoning those who’d engaged in criminal behavior. Then with “The Way it Was” with Jonah, Arthur Weil gave me interesting insight into what it would be like to befriend someone who is accident prone—when the accidents happen to those around that person. These are just a few of the many stories in this anthology. Grab a copy to download and engage yourself the next time you have to sit in a waiting room or stand in a line. The minutes are likely to fly by as you enjoy some good storytelling, while your outlook on some rather ordinary things in life might never be the same thereafter.

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The Daily Ten-Minute Writing Prompt (Volume 1)

KG Finfrock

Imagine a room with ten people sitting at a table. One sentence is scrawled across a whiteboard hanging on the wall. A large clock is counting down. The people at the table are focused on the paper or whatever writing implement they have chosen. The minutes go by. The scribbling pen picks up speed. Fingers tapping on keyboards are consistent. The ending alarm chimes. Ten fresh storylines are born.This is the Ten-Minute Writing Prompt. One simple statement or a piece of dialog igniting the creative flame for fiction writers. Take ten minutes of your day to stir the embers and keep the muse strong and alive.

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Q&A With Francis Moss

Today’s interview is with Francis Moss, author of the YA dystopian tale Losing Normal.

When did you decide to start writing stories?Francis

I was a very early reader, which inspired me to write, I think. My mom told me of a visit to my kindergarten teacher who chastised her for teaching me to read. Around age 5, I put together a five-page book on 4 x 6 index cards, about astronomy, complete with pictures.
Where is your favorite place to write?

I have an office in one corner of the room which is also the TV room, library, laundry, and emergency overflow guest room. But having lived in several noisy communal households, I can write pretty much anywhere, except for Starbuck’s.

Who is your favorite character in Losing Normal and why?

Alex was the character who came to me first, almost fully realized. I’ve always identified with people facing impossible odds, who manage to beat them. Sara is my wise-ass snarky side, and Mr. Crumley has the awareness and intuition I wish I had. I even like/feel sorry for Sophie, who mistakes attention for love (haven’t we all?).

What are your plans for the next writing project?

I’m about 50,000 words into a 3rd draft of my next book, KillGirl, which I promise myself will be done by April. Deborah is a Ukrainian-American teenager whose grandparents—the ones who raised her—are murdered. With the crappy responses regarding Losing Normal from agents (over 100 “thanks, but no thanks”), I will probably self-publish it as well.

After that, I have a middle-grade book in notes and a couple of chapters stage, Tommy Collins: One Lad’s Adventures, about a young boy in WW II England. This could be a trilogy: the first about the Normandy invasion, the second about the Panama Canal, the third about the Partition of India.

After that, Where We Go When We Dream, a science-fiction novel about the multiverse and past lives.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question?

I cannot think of one. Except that this is the answer to the question.

Dogs or Cats?

We travel frequently, so no current pets. I’ve been owned by both dogs and cats for much of my life, however. Woodrow Wilson was my first dog, Buzzy my first cat. Spot, my all-time favorite, was my favorite and smartest dog, who saved my and two other people’s lives, when he awakened us to a fire in our house.

Last two pets we owned: Chloe, the cat, whom my son named Lady Deathstrike because of her fondness for clawing us when annoyed. Molly, the dog, who adopted us when she followed my son home from school.

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Losing Normal
Francis Moss
Publication date: November 5th 2018
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult

Everyone we love, everything we know, is going away… and only an autistic boy can stop it.

Alex knows exactly how many steps it takes to get from his home to Mason Middle School. This is normal.

Alex knows the answers in AP math before his teacher does, which is also normal.

Alex knows that something bad is coming out of the big screen in his special needs class. It’s pushing images into his head, hurting him, making him forget. Alex pushes back, the screen explodes, and nothing is normal any more.

Giant screen televisions appear all over the city. The programming is addictive. People have to watch, but Alex cannot.

Sophie, the sentient machine behind all this, sees the millions and millions of eyeballs glued to her and calls it love. To Sophie, kids like Alex are defective. Defectives are to be fixed…or eliminated.

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Author Bio:

Francis Moss has written and story-edited hundreds of hours of scripts on many of the top animated shows of the 90s and 00s. Beginning his television work in live-action with Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, he soon starting writing cartoons (“a lot more jobs, and also more fun”), staff writing and freelancing on She-Ra, Princess of Power, Iron Man, Ducktales, and a four-year stint on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, writing and story-editing more episodes than you can swing a nuchaku at.

One of his TMNT scripts, “The Fifth Turtle,” was the top-rated script among all the 193 episodes in a fan poll on IGN.COM. A list of his television credits is at IMDB.COM.

Francis, in partnership with Ted Pedersen, also wrote three middle-grade non-fiction books: Internet For Kids, Make Your Own Web Page, and How To Find (Almost) Anything On The Internet. Internet For Kids was a big success, with three revised editions and twelve foreign language versions. He’s the sole author of The Rosenberg Espionage Case.

After high school where he grew up in Los Angeles, Francis had one dismal semester at a junior college, and then enlisted in the Army. He became a military policeman and served in Poitiers, France, falling in love with the country, taking his discharge there and traveling around Europe (including running with the bulls in Pamplona) until his money ran out.

He attended the University of California, Berkeley and became active in the civil rights and anti-war movements, still managing to earn a BA and an MA in English lit (“the major of choice for wannabe writers”).

Francis is married to Phyllis, a former music teacher and active viola player. They have a son, a daughter and one grandson. They live in Joshua Tree, California.

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Kathy Dinisi Interview

Kathy Dinisi is an award winning author, Amazon best seller,  and International best seller. She is the author of the Hell Bound series.kathy-dinisi_orig

What are some of your pet peeves?

I hate California drivers! Lol

Where were you born/grew up at?

I was born and raised in southern California. My husband and I bought a house ten minutes from the house I was raised in and we live one block from my older brother.

If you knew you’d die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

With my husband and boys.

Who is your hero and why?

The good lord above

What kind of world ruler would you be?

Not a very good one.

What are you passionate about these days?

I am absolutely passionate about hiking and checking out old haunted abandon places.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Well it depends, if my husband is home we watch tv together but if I am by myself  I will read.

How to find time to write as a parent?

Some months I don’t! for example I have not written anything in a month.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

Crazy, mother,wife, writer, reader

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

To be honest I still don’t consider myself a writer. Every time I receive a good review I freak out. Im always so surprised that readers enjoy my books.

Do you have a favorite movie?

I love I am legend, World war Z, The mist and the walking dead (original)

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?

The Hell Bound series! That would be so cool.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

A wolf!

A Vacation From Hell
The Hell Bound Series Book 1
by Kathy Dinisi
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Hell Bound is the first Novella in a post-apocalyptic series.
How far would you go to save your family?
Sam and Mathew finally get a chance to go on a train ride to the Grand
Canyon– alone. Leaving their two kids back in California, they are
excited for a weekend of rest.
When a zombie Apocalypse breaks out, the couple must try to fight their
way back to California to see if their kids are still alive. In this
harrowing story of love and survival in a world that is crumbling by
death and destruction, we follow Sam and Mathew through their
struggle to reunite with their children.
A World Apart
The Hell Bound Series Book 2
Mathew and Sam fought their way back home to where their kids were supposed
to be waiting. Instead they find out they have already moved on with
Sam’s parents to seek safety.
Now they are in a rush to be back with their kids, fighting hordes of
flesh eating zombies ,gaining and losing friends along the way.
In a world full of death and destruction where the dead come to life and
the living are just as bad as the dead, will Mathew and Sam find
their kids before its too late or die trying?
Till Death Do Us Part
The Hell Bound Series Book 3
Sam and Mathew have come so far to receive the bad news that the safe
haven is no longer safe. No one can tell them where their kids are.
Trained soldiers have retreated, and all are too scared to fight
against the raging zombies. A stranded Soldier offers them his help
to find their family but will it be enough to fight all the obstacles
in their way? Can Mathew and Sam survive their last journey?
The End is Near
The Hell Bound Series Book 4
Three years after the apocalypse Sam and her three kids continue their life
in the safe haven. Well,as safe as they can be. The military is at a
constant battle to keep the walls standing but the zombie herd just
keeps growing stronger by each passing day and keeps finding their
way into the compound that once protected everyone.
Supplies are running low, weapons are far and few. Now Sam must help a group
of soldiers find weapons and food. Her journey continues with her
fighting to save the only home she has left and the only family still
The End Is Near is the fourth book in the Hell Bound series but can be
read as a standalone. To understand Sam’s story you may want to read
the Hell Bound series from the beginning.


The Wonderful (?) World of Social Media

Today’s guest post is by Erin Rhew, author of the YA science fiction novel Transhuman.

The Wonderful (?) World of Social Media

Social media somehow manages to be both the boon and bane of our modern existence. TheTranshumanPoject_ErinRhew_AuthorPicWant to reconnect with an old friend? Social media. Want to anonymously spew hatred from the safety of your grandma’s basement? Social media. It’s so strange how one thing can be so wonderful and so awful at the same time.

My husband, Deek, is from the Pacific Northwest. When we first got together, I moved from my home in the South, where I’d lived my whole life, to the PNW. I’d never been away from my friends and family before, and suddenly, I lived 3,000 miles away! In that case, social media was a lifesaver. I kept in touch with people and kept up with their lives, so by the time we moved back, it was like I’d never left. Almost. And now, we have the opposite situation. Today, we use social media to keep up with all the friends and family we met in the PNW now that we’re back in the South. As a tool for connection, it’s wonderful.

But there a dark side, a yin to the yang. Sometimes, people are on their phones and computers so much, talking to someone half a world away, that they forget there’s a real-life someone right beside them. Meanwhile, other people use the safety of anonymity to do and say things they’d never even fathom if they had to do them in real. And let’s not forget the whole “don’t compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel” problem. We assume what we see on social media is how our friends live every day when it’s really just a snapshot—a manipulatable snapshot.

We can make our lives appear however we want them to appear when we post on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. We don’t have to show the tears we cried over a broken heart. With the tilt of the head, a bruise can be hidden. Or with the right filter, wrinkles melt away.

When I was younger, adults obsessed over magazine women. They fretted and wrung their hands about how the minds of young girls would be forever warped thanks to starving models and airbrushing. But social media takes that concern to a whole other level.

And that’s what I explore in The Transhsuman Project. Yes, it’s about robots, a madman, and friendship, but it’s also about the face we present to the world. In the story, a nation, Kadar, is obsessed with YouTube-like shows called Life Channels, where every single moment of a person’s life is recorded and consumed by others. Imagine never having down time in your sweats with a pint of ice cream—at least not without the whole world joining you. In such a circumstance, can people be genuine? Can we ever really know someone who lives their life according to ratings?

In the book, my main character, Molly, meets the top Life Channel star, Toffee David. The girl appears to be as hollow as a log, but there’s more to Toffee than anyone can see. There’s a real, genuine person in there, begging to be let out. But the social media, which both connects and repeals, has trapped Toffee in its web.

I guess you’ll have to read and find out who Toffee really is…if she even knows after spending her life in the limelight.

I hope you and your readers have enjoyed a little glimpse into how my mind works! Deep thoughts, by Erin. Ha! Thanks for hosting me, and happy reading!

The Transhuman Project
Erin Rhew
Publication date: January 15th 2019
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

When a video of Molly Richards is taken out of context and goes viral, she’s thrust into the upper echelons of social media stardom and becomes an overnight success in a country where Life Channel ratings reign supreme. As Kadar’s fastest rising celebrity, her life becomes a media circus, a show put on for the shallow national audience salivating for the next new thing.

But in a world where image is king, danger and death hide among the shadows. In the nearby country of Pacifica, the brutal Caezar turns his citizens into robotic weapons who infiltrate Kadar as sleeper transhumans. They walk among the populace, unaware they are pawns in the madman’s personal arsenal.

Only Molly, her friends, and an elite group of Kadarian fighters known as the Cyber Knights fully understand the transhuman threat, and only they can break the Caezar’s terrorist grip on both Pacifica and Kadar. Battling Fire Bots and humanoid agents, they seek to put a stop to the Caezar’s tyranny by unraveling the secrets buried between layers of deception.And they have to do it all while smiling and waving for the cameras.

As Molly and her friends peer behind the glitz and glamour, they discover something more frightening and more sinister than anything they’ve encountered yet…the truth.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / iBooks / Smashwords


Author Bio:

Erin Rhew is an editor, the operations manager for a small press, and a YA fantasy and sci-fi author. Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word. She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the “Grammar Police.”

A Southern girl by blood and birth, Erin spent years in a rainy pocket of the Pacific Northwest before returning to her roots in the land of hushpuppies, sweet tea, and pig pickin’. She’s married to fellow author, the amazingly talented (and totally handsome) Deek Rhew, and spends her time writing side-by-side with him under the watchful eye of their patient-as-a-saint writing assistant, a tabby cat named Trinity. Erin and Deek enjoy taking long walks, drinking coffee, lifting, boxing, eating pizza, staying up late into the night talking, and adventuring together.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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But is it a movie? Guest Post author J.J. DiBenedetto

d- guest postBut is it a movie?

I’m sure I’m far from unique among authors in imagining that my books might someday jj-dibenedetto_1_origbe bought by Hollywood and turned into movies or a TV series. I can definitely picture the Dream Doctor Mysteries on screen, but the more I think about it, the more I think they would be pretty challenging to adapt to film.
The first challenge is that the books are all written in first-person perspective. We see everything through Sara’s eyes, all through the entire series. Obviously you can make a movie that way – we can all cite examples – but it’s tricky. If you keep to the books, there’s no cutting away, no scenes from anybody else’s perspective. Which is pretty limiting on film.
A second challenge, especially for the first book I wrote, DREAM STUDENT, is that Sara sees the killer in her dreams, and we do, too. But for most of the book, she doesn’t connect what she’s seeing in the dreams with who the killer really is. It works on the page, because we’re in Sara’s head, and we can see why she’s not able to make that connection. On screen, she would come across as a pretty dim bulb, unless we cheated by having her never see the killer’s face in her dreams, or some other “cheat.”
There are a lot of other minor changes that would probably have to be made in order to turn DREAM STUDENT into a movie, and I’d hate all of them.
The official first book, DREAM DOCTOR, would be a lot more straightforward. The mystery in that book is more of an Agatha Christie-type of mystery – several suspects, and neither we as readers, nor Sara as the “psychic detective” know who it is until we and she follow the clues to the end of the story. So that could work as-is. But some of the subplots might have to be cut out, which I’d hate to do.
And then there’s the problem of how to cast the books, if multiple books were going to be made into movies. Each book skips ahead – Sara’s twenty-one years old in DREAM STUDENT, twenty-two in DREAM DOCTOR, twenty-seven in DREAM CHILD, and almost thirty in DREAM FAMILY. By the time we get to the end of the series, she’s in her forties. Hollywood can do magic with makeup, but it’s still a trick to find someone who can believably play the same character as a junior in college today, and a thirty-year-old mother of three next year.
All those things would make it really tough to turn the Dream Doctor Mysteries into movies, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll have the chance to help solve that problem someday!

d- about the author

J.J. DiBenedetto is author of the Dream Series and the Jane Barnaby Adventures and lives in Arlington, Virginia with the love of his life and a white cat who rules the roost. 
His passions are photography, travel, the opera, the New York Giants, and of course writing.
Mr. DiBenedetto is devoted to writing books with a sense of mysticism to entertain and perhaps invite his readers to suspend belief in a way they might never have.
Since he was very young , he has always been intrigued with the supernatural and things that can’t be explained rationally.
By always asking way too many questions, it piqued his interest to the point of setting his writing off and running when he grew up! All the curiosity building up all those years were finally getting put into words to captivate readers. And it hasn’t ended. His main goal is to share all the stories he has inside, putting pen to paper. And that’s
how the Dream Series was born.
Dream Student
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Prequel
by J.J. DiBenedetto
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Sara Barnes has her life totally under control. All she has to worry about
is college exams, Christmas shopping, applying to medical school–and
what to do about the cute freshman who has a crush on her. And
everything is going according to plan, until the night she starts
dreaming other people’s dreams.
It’s bad enough that every night is a theater of her friends’ and
classmates’ secret fantasies. Worse yet are the other dreams, the
dark ones featuring a strange, terrifying man committing unspeakable
As the nightmares increase, Sara’s life becomes a blur of waking and
sleeping, of terror and urgency. Because if she was given this
dream-sharing gift for a reason, it must be to stop the killer madman
she’s come to know all too well. But how can she stop him when she’s
just a student, and they’re only dreams?
Dream Student is
the thrilling prequel to the Dream Doctor Mysteries.
**Start the series FREE!!**
Dream Doctor
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 1
Between adjusting to life as a newlywed and trying to survive the first month
of medical school, Sara Alderson has a lot on her plate. She
definitely doesn’t need to start visiting other people’s dreams
again. Unfortunately for her, it’s happening anyway.
Every night, she sees a different person and a different dream. But every
dreamer has one thing in common: they all hate Dr. Morris, the least
popular professor in the medical school, and they’re all dreaming
about seeing him – or making him – dead.
Once again, Sara finds herself in the role of unwilling witness to a
murder before it happens. But this time, there are too many suspects
to count, and it doesn’t help matters that she hates Dr. Morris
every bit as much as any of his would-be murderers do.
**only .99 cents!**
Dream Child
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 2
Dr. Sara Alderson can deal with eighty-hour workweeks as a resident at
Children’s Hospital. Dealing with crises in the Emergency Room or
the OR is second nature to her. But now she faces a challenge that
all of her training and experience hasn’t prepared her for: Lizzie,
her four-year-old daughter, has inherited her ability to see other
people’s dreams.
After Lizzie befriends a young boy on a trip to Washington, DC, and then
wakes up in a panic that night because of a “bad funny dream,”
Sara knows exactly what it means: her daughter is visiting the boy’s
dreams. Complicating matters is the fact that the boy’s father is a
Congressman, and he’s dreaming about a “scary man in a big black
car” threatening his Daddy.
Unraveling a case of political corruption and blackmail would be hard
enough for Sara under the best of circumstances. But when she has to view
everything through the eyes of a toddler, it may be an impossible task.
Dream Family
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 3
Dr. Sara Alderson didn’t think she had a problem in the world, when she
walked into the office for her first day as a partner in her own
medical practice. And then the police showed up and arrested her for
a crime she couldn’t possibly have committed. Twenty four hours
later, after a horrifying day and night in jail, Sara comes home a
different – and completely broken – woman.
Clearing her name is her first challenge, but that’s nothing compared to the
task of rebuilding her shattered psyche. And the only way she can do
that is with the help of the supernatural dreams, the same dreams
that have nearly cost Sara her sanity – and almost got her killed –
in the past.
Waking Dream
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 4
After nearly a decade of visiting other people’s dreams, Sara Alderson
thought she had made peace with her supernatural gift. Until one
night, while watching her husband dream, she saw someone else
watching him, too: a mysterious woman in a red dress.
The woman in red keeps appearing in the dreams of Sara’s husband and
his co-workers. Sara doesn’t know if this mystery woman is trying
to steal her husband, drive him mad or something even worse. All she
does know is that now she has something she never imagined: a
nemesis. And the only thing more dangerous than a nemesis who shares
her ability to step into other people’s dreams, is one who knows
far more about that ability and how to control it than Sara does.
Dream Reunion
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 5
Dr. Sara Alderson is heading back to college for her ten-year class
reunion. Her husband and two of her children are coming with her –
and so are her supernatural dreams.
One of her old classmates is becoming more frantic with every passing
night. Sara can’t see his face, but she can see everything else in
his dreams, and he’s coming closer and closer to committing a
desperate act to try and save his business. Sara’s the only one who
can save him, and his family – if she can figure out who he is and
what he’s planning in time.
Dream Home
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 6
Dr. Sara Alderson thought she was securing her and her family’s future
when she moved them to a small town in New York and took a job as
Chief of Pediatrics at the local hospital. Unfortunately, things
aren’t going quite according to plan. For one thing, she has
enemies at work who resent her from the moment she sets foot in the
For another, she’s visiting the dreams of an old man who’s seeing
nightly visions of a storm that will wipe out the entire town. He’s
convinced that the visions are true – and as winter closes in, Sara
is starting to think he might be right.
Dream Vacation
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 7
Thanks to her unique ability to step into other people’s dreams, Dr. Sara
Alderson has solved murders, unraveled conspiracies and saved lives.
But when a crisis hits close to home, even her supernatural gift
might not be enough to avert disaster.
On a family vacation to Paris, Sara’s fifteen-year-old daughter Grace
disappears without a trace. The only way to find her is through
Sara’s dreams. But her gift has taken an unwanted vacation, and
without it, Sara has no idea how to rescue Grace. In a foreign city,
with no clues, and her dreaming talent failing her for the first
time, Sara must figure out another way to find Grace before it’s too late.
Fever Dream
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 8
Dr. Sara Alderson isn’t used to her patients dying for no reason. When
a young boy succumbs to a mysterious illness that defies all her
efforts to treat it, she refuses to accept defeat.
After two months of questions, Sara has attracted the attention of powerful
people who don’t want their secrets uncovered, and will go to any
lengths to make sure they stay hidden.
Now, time is running out for Sara to unravel the mystery before anyone
else falls victim to the illness. And before her career, her family
and her freedom are taken from her by enemies she doesn’t even know
she has.
Dream Wedding
The Dream Doctor Mysteries Book 9
It ought to be a joyful time for Dr. Sara Alderson. Her daughter,
Lizzie, is about to graduate college, and marry her longtime
boyfriend. But the family’s happiness is shattered when a drunk
driver seriously injures her teenage son in a hit-and-run accident.
Now, instead of planning her daughter’s wedding, Sara must fight to save
her son’s life. And when she discovers who the drunk driver was –
someone she thought was a colleague and a friend – she has to fight
her desire for revenge. Because Sara knows she has the power to visit
the driver’s dreams, and in those dreams, she holds the power of
life and death.
Dream Fragments:
Stories From the Dream Doctor Mysteries
The novels don’t tell the whole story!
Readers of the Dream Doctor Mysteries know that Sara and her family have a
very busy life outside the pages of the ten Dream Doctor Mysteries,
and here’s your chance to peek into it.
Twelve stories are included in this collection, and you’ll discover what
happened on Sara’s final Spring Break of college; Lizzie’s first
day of school; Betty and Howard’s first trip out of the country;
and much more!
J.J. DiBenedetto is author of the Dream Series and the Jane Barnaby
Adventures and lives in Arlington, Virginia with the love of his life
and a white cat who rules the roost. 
His passions are photography, travel, the opera,
the New York Giants, and of course writing.
Mr. DiBenedetto is devoted to writing books with a sense of mysticism to
entertain and perhaps invite his readers to suspend belief in a way
they might never have.
Since he was very young , he has always been intrigued with the
supernatural and things that can’t be explained rationally.
By always asking way too many questions, it piqued his interest to the
point of setting his writing off and running when he grew up! All the
curiosity building up all those years were finally getting put into
words to captivate readers. And it hasn’t ended. His main goal is to
share all the stories he has inside, putting pen to paper. And that’s
how the Dream Series was born.
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The Drowned Village of Thores-Cross

The Haunting of Thores-Cross
Ghosts of Thores-Cross Book 1
by Karen Perkins
Genre: Paranormal Suspense

“The ghost of a wronged young woman in the village of Thores-Cross waits

230 years to have her story told in Perkins’s suspenseful and

atmospheric first Yorkshire Ghost novel”

BookLife by Publishers Weekly


*Silver Medal Winner, European fiction – 2015 IPPY Book Awards

*#1 Bestseller in 6 Amazon Categories, including Ghost Suspense, British

Horror and Gothic Romance

*Top 10 Bestseller in 8 more, including Historical Thrillers and Occult Horror

*Over 100 5-STAR reviews on Amazon.com


Likened by independent reviewers on Amazon to the Brontë sisters, Edgar

Allen Poe, Barbara Erskine and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Karen Perkins’

novels are filled with unflinching honesty and an acute understanding

of human nature. She explores not only the depths of humanity, but

the depths of human motivation behind the actions and pain people

inflict upon each other, as well as the repercussions of these

actions not only in the short term, but also the later generations

who live with the implications of the past.


 Emma Moorcroft is still grieving after a late miscarriage and moves to her

dream house at Thruscross Reservoir with her husband, Dave. Both Emma

and Dave hope that moving into their new home signifies a fresh

start, but life is not that simple. Emma has nightmares about the

reservoir and the drowned village that lies beneath the water, and is

further disturbed by the sound of church bells – from a church that

no longer exists.


Jennet is fifteen and lives in the isolated community of Thores-Cross, where

life revolves about the sheep on which they depend. Following the

sudden loss of both her parents, she is seduced by the local wool

merchant, Richard Ramsgill. She becomes pregnant and is shunned not

only by Ramsgill, but by the entire village. Lonely and embittered,

Jennet’s problems escalate, leading to tragic consequences which

continue to have an effect through the centuries.


Emma becomes fixated on Jennet, neglecting herself, her beloved dogs and

her husband to the point where her marriage may not survive. As

Jennet and Emma’s lives become further entwined, Emma’s obsession

deepens and she realises that the curse Jennet inflicted on the

Ramsgill family over two hundred years ago is still claiming lives.


Emma is the only one who can stop Jennet killing again, but will her

efforts be enough?

Ghosts of Thores-Cross Book 2

Jennet’s here. No one is safe.

A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor,
striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill – the elderly
matriarch of the village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The
eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, has been woken.
A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her
warnings and the community – in particular her family – realise they
are in terrible danger.
Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of
the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to
stop her and break her curse?
Ghosts of Thores-Cross Book 3
Jennet will have your heart and your fear in equal measure’
Through Jennet we see how cruelty can drive even the most ordinary people to hatred
and, in Jennet’s case, evil
Yorkshire is in the grip of a heatwave, and Thruscross Reservoir has dried up
to reveal the remains of the drowned village of Thores-Cross beneath.
Playing in the mud which coats the valley floor, four-year-old Clare
Wainwright finds an old inkpot, and can’t wait to show it to her
best friend, Louise. But when Louise’s mother, Emma, sees it, her
reaction is shocking, and both families are plunged into their worst
Emma knows what the inkpot portends:
Jennet has woken.Now she wants the children.
This is not a gore-ridden, jump-scare horror story. This is more real than
that. Jennet is a story about the horrific things that people do to
each other, and the way we react to that maltreatment – which does
not always end with death.
Jennet’s story is a horror story because it’s not necessarily fiction. It
reflects the way women were treated in the time that Jennet lived. It
reflects the psychology of the abuse cycle. And it reflects real
life. All of it.
If, as I believe, the spirit does not die when the physical body dies,
then how many spirits are looking for vengeance today?
What wrongs will you want to right when you pass through that veil? What
will I?
This is the conclusion of Jennet’s story, which began in The Haunting of
Thores-Cross. I hope she finds peace. I really do.
t- guest post

The Drowned Village of Thores-Cross

The thought of a drowned village is compelling. It grabs hold of our imaginations and does not let go.

The waters are serene; the sun sparkles off ripples as Canada Geese swoop in to land. The purple-blooming moors of the hilltops descend into pine woods, the trees reaching the shoreline; the sedge beneath is dotted with pale yellow primroses in spring, mushrooms in the autumn, and fallen pine cones in winter. But no matter how peaceful Thruscross Reservoir looks, I cannot help but think about the village beneath the water. The homes, the families, the lives lived, the way of life taken by the dammed river.

Thruscross Reservoir and Dam

Thruscross comes into its own when a storm breaks, when the open sky – undimmed by light pollution – becomes a fierce maelstrom of blinding light and thunderous resounding echoes. Then the waves of the reservoir whip up; their serenity transformed into ferocity by nature. The storm is somehow a fitting reaction to the changes mankind has made to this landscape, and the dead are angry. They want their village back. Their homes, their church, their school, their mills and their pubs.

Every so often, they get their wish. When a particularly dry summer empties the reservoir, the village resurfaces and people again walk the roads, cross the bridges and explore the ruins that were once busy with life.

Thruscross Reservoir Empty – (Image by Roys Blog Spot)

During my research for The Haunting of Thores-Cross, Cursed and Jennet, I came across a lovely description of the lost village in The Yorkshire Evening Post dated April 30, 1914. It describes a village green with a post office (the postmaster also being the village cobbler), a mill pond complete with island, and the church as “one of the most beautiful little churches I have yet seen in Yorkshire.” In summing up, it describes the valley as “a standing type of Oliver Goldsmith’s ‘deserted village’, [yet] Thruscross is still one of the most beautiful villages in our renowned county.”

In the Ghosts of Thores-Cross series, I draw on the original Viking name for the village – Thor’s Cross – which evolved into the modern name of Thruscross. In time, the west end of Thruscross became a village in itself, although in true Yorkshire fashion, nobody but the people who lived there know where the boundary between Thruscross and West End lies. Now it’s lost forever.

The River Washburn flows from its source high on the Yorkshire Moors into the valley, and was dammed in the 1960s to increase the supply of drinking water to Leeds, marking the end of a village that had been in decline since the 1840s. Its main industries were initially sheep rearing and the wool trade, then cotton spinning before a move to flax production at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Three mills were kept busy, and the population soared to over 600. By 1950, most of the flax production had moved to the cities of Leeds and Bradford, and less than 100 people still lived at Thruscross.

Street Lane Bridge and Walker’s Mill

As the cities expanded, their water supply needed to be increased. Three reservoirs had already been created in the Washburn Valley: Fewston, Swinsty and Lindley. Thruscross lies at the valley’s head above Fewston, and despite its beauty, Thruscross was next in line to be flooded. Work on the impressive Thruscross Dam began in the 1950s, and the gates were closed for the first time for a test flood in 1966, giving rise to the iconic picture of the church roof standing proud of the water.

Despite the legends of the church bell ringing whenever the water level drops, the church was demolished before the valley was flooded proper, and whilst the graves were relocated to the top of the nearby hill, the stone from the church was re-used to construct a new church at Blubberhouses, where it stands alone, overlooking the A59 to Skipton, with a narrow view of the dam. But if you stand quietly on the reservoir shore and listen hard, you may yet hear the sound of a bell tolling through time . . .

The Test Flood of Thruscross Reservoir in 1966

I shall never forget my first look down the 200-metre drop of the dam, nor my shock when I learned that the whole structure sways as it holds back 1,725 million gallons of water! I spent my childhood playing on, in and alongside Thruscross Reservoir, and it’s no wonder the lost village of Thruscross captured my imagination. I hope Jennet and the other ghosts of Thores-Cross capture yours.

The Downside of Thruscross Dam (Image by John S Pate)

There are three books in the Ghosts of Thores-Cross series, which are available from amazon for Kindle and in audiobook, paperback, large print and hardback.

The Haunting of Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story

Cursed: A Ghosts of Thores-Cross Short Story

JENNET: now she wants the children

Find out more from: www.karenperkinsauthor.com

Or join Karen Perkins on social media:

Twitter: @LionheartG

Instagram: @YorkshireGhosts

And Facebook:






Laurence A (1992), West End: A Sunken Village, Smith Settle, Otley, W Yorkshire

Reid M (2006), The Yorkshire Water Way, Vol 1, Innway Publications, Harrogate, N Yorkshire





Karen Perkins is the author of eight fiction titles: the Yorkshire Ghost
Stories and the Valkyrie Series of historical nautical fiction. All
of her fiction has appeared at the top of bestseller lists on both
sides of the Atlantic, including the top 21 in the UK Kindle Store in 2018.
Her first Yorkshire Ghost Story – THE HAUNTING OF THORES-CROSS – won the
Silver Medal for European Fiction in the prestigious 2015 Independent
Publisher Book Awards in New York, whilst her Valkyrie novel, DEAD
RECKONING, was long-listed in the 2011 MSLEXIA novel competition.
Originally a financial advisor, a sailing injury left Karen with a chronic pain
condition which she has been battling for over twenty five years
(although she did take the European ladies title despite the
injury!). Writing has given her a new lease of – and purpose to –
life, and she is currently working on a sequel to Parliament of
Rooks: Haunting Brontë Country.
When not writing, she helps other authors prepare their books for
publishing and has edited over 150 titles, including the 2017 Kindle
UK Storyteller Award winner, The Relic Hunters by David Leadbeater,
and has also published a series of publishing guides to help aspiring
authors realise their dreams.
Karen Perkins is a member of the Society of Authors and the Horror Writers
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For Beau by Simon Gandossi

For Beau
The Sarah Ashdown Story
by Simon Gandossi
Genre: Historical Fiction 
The ground shook with each bomb that fell on London. The night sky lit
up, and the sounds of gunfire overwhelmed the city as our brave men
fought back. It took so many bombs to fall on this great city to make
the Germans realize that England could not be defeated. It took just
one bomb to make one woman realize her true destiny.
Sarah Ashdown’s insurmountable guilt and remorse over the death of a
young girl sets in motion one of the most unbelievable stories of
World War II. An ordinary housewife who defied the odds to become one
of the most wanted women in occupied Europe, her story of
determination and courage will shock and inspire those who read it.
da- excerpt

An elderly and fragile lady is helped by a young gentleman into the boardroom of the local TV station. She puts a large bag on the floor and sits down and is left alone, waiting for a journalist. After extensive research, the station has discovered her story. Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Blitz, and Sarah’s story is so fascinating that the network is considering airing it on their current affairs program. She is growing a little impatient as she waits to be interviewed.

Finally, after a fifteen-minute delay, a young and somewhat disorganised journalist wearing an expensive grey suit opens the door and sits down next to her. He seems nervous, as if it’s his first interview.

‘I am terribly sorry, Ms Ashdown; it’s been one of those mornings. I am Daniel Warwick,’ he said as he ruffled through his papers.

‘I’d like to say I have all the time in the world, Mr Warwick,’ she says in a sarcastic tone.

‘Please, call me Daniel, and can I get you a tea or coffee?’ he asked politely.

‘Tea would be wonderful,’ she replied.

Daniel presses the button on the intercom and asks for two teas to be brought to the boardroom. Sarah stares at him; she seems amused at his nervousness.

‘I want to thank you for taking the time and giving us the opportunity to hear your fascinating story.’

‘I want to make it clear that any payment you provide for this interview you give directly to the children’s hospital. They need it more than I do,’ Sarah replies.

‘It has already been done, along with a small donation from the staff themselves,’ he replies, smiling.

Daniel takes out some papers from a red folder, and he spends a few moments glancing over them. He takes out his recorder and places it on the table; he is finally ready to conduct the interview. The tea is

brought in and Daniel turns on the recorder.

‘First, can you start by telling me a little about your family?’

Sarah sips her tea and puts the cup down.

‘I had a very good upbringing as a child; during my childhood, my parents would ensure they never missed any special event in my life.  Birthdays, school plays, and presentations, et cetera. Then, in late 1939,my mother died from breast cancer. It was as if my whole life was taken away from me. A piece of me died that day and I never felt the same again. The war changed my father; he had gone from a man who was always there for me to one I hardly saw. We lived in the same house for a long time, but we might as well have lived a thousand miles apart. He worked for MI5—he was a very intelligent and well-respected man. He had risen through the ranks, becoming so important that he often advised and met with key figures, including the prime minister himself. I guess the pressures of his job changed him. All I had to do to make myself feel better was to remember the past—the time when this man would have given up anything to be with me.’

‘Your father being who he was, did you receive news before anyone else? Maybe advanced news about how the war was going?’

‘No, he never discussed his work with me.’

‘How did you spend a typical day during the war?’

‘That is a very general question, Mr Warwick—how I spent my days varied greatly. If it were a peaceful day with no air raids, I would sometimes visit friends or go for walks and things of that nature. During air raids, I did as most did; I went into the air raid shelter. We had our own below our house.’

‘Were you scared?’

‘No, certainly not, I refused to be so. Being scared means the enemy gets what they want. If I was to be killed by a bomb, then it was just my time.’

There is a pause while they both sipped their teas. Daniel skips a few pages of his notes. He has a confused look on his face.

‘Do you need some more time, Mr Warwick?’ Sarah asks.

‘Once again, I am sorry. I have written too many notes and questions.

I am sure now you wish you had a more experienced journalist?’ Daniel says in an apologetic tone.

‘Certainly not. Maybe you need some whiskey in that tea,’ Sarah replied, smiling.

Daniel becomes a little more at ease. He puts down all of the notes and questions he has, and continues on.

‘What is the worst experience you saw during the Blitz, something that, during your entire life, has stayed with you?’

‘I think anyone who experienced the Blitz had many bad experiences—I certainly had my share, as you will soon find out.’

Sarah holds tightly onto her cup, staring at it. She seems to be deep in thought; Daniel, pausing himself, gives her a moment. She raises her head and stares at Daniel.

‘My experiences have stayed with me every day,’ she says, becoming slightly teary-eyed.

Sarah finishes her tea and puts the cup and saucer on the table. It’s obvious he has many questions to ask her, but thinks asking only one question that will answer all of them will be best.

‘Can you tell me everything, your entire story from the beginning?’

‘You have nothing to do this week, Mr Warwick?’

‘Hearing this puts anything I have to do aside for the time being.’

‘As you wish,’ Sarah replies.

Simon Gandossi is a historical fiction author who was born and raised in
Western Australia. From an early age, Simon discovered a passion for
history and writing. It is that passion combined with his desire to
bring to light the different aspects of the past that makes him a
unique writer. There are a lot of people who give up so much to
follow their dreams, and Simon is no different. To become a
professional writer is difficult, but his hard work and determination
has seen him develop from an amateur to a full-time writer in just a
few years.
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